Remember when writing was so important that you would scribble down quotes, stash poems away in your Caboodle (Don’t try to pretend you didn’t have one), or even snag library books because you knew no one could give books a better home than you? We do too.

Nowadays, people tend to spend less than 30 seconds on websites taking just what they need to know and never pausing to feel anything. At Fermata Publishing, we’re presenting poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, photography, and artwork that will not only make you pause, but will make you want to hold on to it. Don’t worry though. Most of our publications are available online free of charge. So you don’t have to steal anything anymore.

At Fermata Publishing, we aim to present high quality writing in both digital and physical formats. Twice a year we will produce an online journal from the submissions we take year round and twice a year we will feature a limited handmade run of chapbooks promoting a single author of our selection. If you’d like to have your work published by us, send us an e-mail!


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