Lee Todd Lacks’ Underneath

We’ve been silent for a bit because we’ve been working! Fermata Publishing is proud to announce Lee Todd Lacks’ chapbook Underneath. We’re putting the final touches on it now and are planning on a December 15th release. Stay tuned for more updates.



Detective Movie is on sale now!

Ladies and Gents,
We’re proud to officially release Mark J. Mitchell’s Detective Movie. You can snag your copy today for only $7!

Be on the lookout for a Fermata Publishing Release!

Our latest chapbook is hot off the press, and we’re busy hand sewing each copy.  We’re hoping for a mid-week release.  But here’s a tease until then!


2016 Warm Month Release

We’re proud to release our latest issue of Fermata Publishing online.


Upcoming Chapbook Release

Check out a sneak peak of our upcoming chapbook, The Detective Movie, by Mark J. Mitchell. We’re set for an April 1st release date, and our online issue will be out next Monday!


2016 Online Journal Release

Our latest online issue is almost complete, but there’s still time to submit! Send your poetry/fiction/CNF/photographs/paintings to fermatapublishing@gmail.com


New Opportunity for Erasure Poetry Writers!

We’re proud to announce that in addition to the two online publications and the two handmade chapbooks Fermata puts out yearly, we’re also going to launch a once a year edition that focuses solely on erasure poetry.  We’ll call the issue  ”    mata      ing”.  (Get it?  An erasure of Fermata Publishing?  Well, we thought it was clever…)  We’re taking submissions now and will launch the issue in February/March.

Our traditional issue is still set to launch December/January, and we’re still looking for those “I’m Sorry for Your Spouse” poems for our next chapbook!

So please send your work to us today!


Poetry Contest

Most of the time, my dyslexia doesn’t really get the better of me. I thank spell check for that one, but today as I was scrolling through the interwebs, I clicked on what I thought said, “18 I’m sorry for your wife poems.” However, when I started reading, I didn’t get the wonderfully snarky poems I had expected. I got lines like, “The phrase “I’m Sorry” you may agree/Has turned into a social amenity/We say “I’m Sorry” more than Brenda Lee.” I don’t even know who Brenda Lee is. 

Needless to say, the site was actually titled “18 I’m sorry poems for your wife.” I was incredibly disappointed. So I thought I would challenge you guys and gals to a little contest. Let’s write 18 I am sorry for your wife poems. Best 18 will be published in the next Fermata Publishing Chapbook. I am not setting a deadline for submissions because I don’t know what a response I will get, but I will post when I think I am done.

(And just to be more gender friendly, I will also accept I’m sorry for your husband poems as well. We’ll call the chapbook, “18 I’m Sorry for your Spouse Poems”)

Summer Online Issue Release!

Hey Sportsfans, and those who hate sports.  Our summer issue is complete, and we’re pretty pleased with it.  Take a look!  It’s so cool, it will save you on your AC bill this month.  Well, actually it won’t do that.  But it still is pretty snazzy.


Summer Online Issue

Our editors are working on the Summer 2015 issue now and should have it published this week! Thank you for all of the wonderful submissions. Anything we receive past this point will be considered for the winter issue.