We’ve all been to those sites where submitting work required a certain font, certain size, a pint of blood, and the rights to an unborn child.  Here at Fermata Publishing, we keep it simple.  For the most part, simply send us your work in a single Word Document, and we’ll do the rest.  Read below for number guidelines.

Online Publication:

Poetry: 3-7 poems

Prose: 2000 word limit  (this is flexible)

Art/Photography: 3-5 pieces


Featured Author Handmade Chapbook:

If you’re interested in being one of our featured authors, you’ll need to submit a letter of interest and the minimum requirements for online publication.  Keep in mind the featured chapbooks are limited run (usually about 26) and will need a minimum of 20 pages of poetry or 40 pages of prose.  At this time, we are not featuring art in the handmade chapbooks simply because of production costs.  The finished product typically sells from $5-15, and the featured author receives 10 complimentary copies and a 10% discount on reorders.

All submissions should be sent to

After publication all rights return to the author, though we do ask to be listed in your acknowledgements.



2 thoughts on “Submit

  1. fionakaye says:

    Hey Jessica, Fermatapublishing looks great 🙂 but I notice May was the last journal on the list. Is thee journal still going, and accepting submissions?
    Thanks. Fiona.

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